CAM / St. Louis

After opening its doors in 2003, the Contemporary Art Museum / St. Louis, wanted to commemorate its tenth anniversary with a fundraising gala,‘Space for Possibility’, to celebrate the building’s architecture, its history, and to honour its supporters. The brief included the design of the event identity and all its print and digital collateral.


Project credits:

Design & Direction — Catarina Pereira

In collaboration with Kiku Obata & Company, 2014

Designed by architect Brad Cloepfil, the interior is incredibly open, with diagonal views created by the perpendicular positioning of the walls. The space allows different light configurations throughout the day, welcoming and adapting itself to different art forms and interventions.

Light, time and space became the inspiration for the campaign, which evolved from white to black throughout the communication announcements; this theme continued through to the printed materials that accompanied the event.

Work Scope:
Event campaign design
Visual identity
Print and digital collateral