Tom Dixon: Tomorrow Magazine

With a unique approach to design, Tom Dixon’s experimental process has always challenged conventions within the industry. Through his innovative approach, his projects have never been constrained to a particular field.

‘Tomorrow’ emerged to express Tom Dixon’s mindset and be a vehicle for both directly and indirectly, expand on topics related to his design practice.


Project credits:

Art direction & Design — Catarina Pereira / David Lowbridge


Jonathan Bell, Tara Darby, Johanna Derry, Emma Garland, Viola Heyn–Johnsen, Sam Jacob, Lee Mawdsley, Jamie Mitchell, Madeleine Morley, Michael Olivo, Lucinda Rogers, Tino Schaedler.

In collaboration with Hypar studio & Naked on the Piano, 2015

Work Scope:
Editorial concept & design
Art direction